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A Hong Kong icon closes for good
The Excelsior hotel sits on a slice of Hong Kong history. The iconic waterfront hotel was built on Lot No 1: the very first plot of land sold in 1842 when the British took control of the colony. The hotel itself opened in 1973 – and now, after 46 years of catering to Hong Kong’s great and good, it's seen its final turndown service. In recent years, the hotel has struggled amid rising rents and competition from newer hotels. Its owner, Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group, will tear down the four-star hotel and build a commercial office tower on the site instead. Check out our video, above, for a final look at a legendary hotel.
Housekeeping horror in China’s luxe hotels
If you’re going to splurge and spend a night at a five-star hotel, it would be fair to expect impeccable service and a spotlessly clean room. But in China’s top hotels, the rooms could be a lot less sanitary than you’d hope. A secretly filmed video shot by a Chinese blogger has gone viral on the Chinese internet. The video shows stealthy footage from 14 five-star hotels across China, as housekeepers clean – or rather, don’t clean – their rooms.   A cleaner is caught on camera wiping cups, the sink and the mirror with a dirty bath towel which had been thrown on the floor. Another uses the remaining drops from an open bottle of shampoo to clean cups. One housekeeper retrieves a supposedly disp