Americans warned to brace themselves for surge in coronavirus deaths
US health officials on Tuesday said the spread of the coronavirus in the states of California and Washington appear to be slowing, suggesting that social distancing practices are making a difference as the country struggles to contain the pandemic. But the US death toll could rise to a range of 100,000 to 240,000, according to models tracked by the White House coronavirus task force. The models suggest the toll could end up lower if people across the country strictly follow the mitigation measures that have been in place since mid-March, based on the experience of the two west coast states, the first to implement social distancing policies. “What we’re going to see, and that’s why we’ve got
Stocks tumble, masks run out as coronavirus goes global
The spread of the new coronavirus has eased in China but worsened elsewhere, adding to fears of a global pandemic.  South Korea on Friday reported more new infections of the virus than any other country did, after overtaking China’s daily tally for the first time on Thursday. Several countries in Europe and South America have reported their first coronavirus cases this week. And Italy and Iran have emerged as new regional centers of the outbreak of the Covid-19 disease. The continued global spread of the virus has spooked investors and prompted governments to ramp up their emergency responses to fend off a public health crisis that could upset their economies. The US stock market saw a histo
‘I had to do something’: The overseas protesters who join Hong Kong’s demonstrations
Months of anti-government protests in Hong Kong have made headlines around the world. While images and stories have struck a chord with people overseas, some have been inspired to fly thousands of miles to Hong Kong to take part in demonstrations.  The South China Morning Post met two Americans who said they felt compelled to come to the city to participate in the movement as US lawmakers considered – and later passed – legislation aimed at ensuring the “sufficient autonomy” of Hong Kong from Beijing.