The strange, ridiculous and cruel dog ownership rules in China
From dog-walking bans to cash rewards for people who kill stray dogs, the attempt by grassroots community managers in China to control the country’s booming dog population is often at odds with the growing popularity of pet ownership. And despite complaints from non-pet owners, the central government appears ready to embrace a pet-friendly future. In April, China’s Ministry of Agriculture explicitly stated for the first time that dogs are “companions” and not “livestock.” But only 22% of households own a pet, a number that is expected to grow in the coming years, according to Alizila, a blog from Alibaba (which owns Inkstone). The growth of pet ownership creates teething issues in China as
Cuteness overload may make us better people
There is nothing quite like the guilt of diving down the rabbit hole, only to emerge a few hours later wondering where the time went.  But feel free to ignore that guilt when it comes to dog videos or clips of fluffy, adorable kittens on the internet.  It turns out there’s a rationale behind the addiction. A new study has found that watching such videos can lower your heart rate, blood pressure and anxiety — all health benefits we could use during the coronavirus pandemic.  The study took place in December 2019, involving 15 students who took part in a counter-intuitive exercise before exams at Britain’s University of Leeds.  Rather than doing any last-minute cramming, they watched slides a
Pangolins face extinction despite trade ban
Pangolins continue to face the threat of extinction despite tightened protections on the wildlife trade put in place by China and many Southeast Asian countries. During the United Nations Summit on Biodiversity on September 30, 2020, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson drew attention to the plight of the scaly mammal in a call for more action to save the species.
Welcome to China’s ‘Valley of the Cats’
Located on the Tibetan plateau, Namsei Township in China’s Yushu Prefecture, Qinghai province is home to endangered species including snow leopards.  The big felines have earned the district the name “Valley of the Cats."  It is inside Sanjiangyuan Park, one of the first wildlife areas to be included in China’s new national park system. 
Buffalo in a China shop
A buffalo terrified of the chopping block broke free and escaped into a restaurant in eastern China’s Jiangsu province. It bowled over a man and a woman, leaving the woman in need of three stitches to the mouth. Check out our video, above, for more.