Baby, or infant, formula is a manufactured food for babies often used as a substitute for breast milk. It is a powder or liquid concentrate that is mixed with water and fed through a bottle. It is wid

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Chinese city passes landmark law to promote breastfeeding
A megacity in south China has become the first in the country to pass a law promoting breastfeeding, which remains unpopular despite the myriad proven benefits of human milk. The law, passed in Guangzhou, requires public places such as train stations, museums and parks to set up dedicated lactation rooms, or face fines. Employers must provide breastfeeding mothers with a one-hour daily break to feed or pump. It also bans hospitals and medical institutions from taking money from or collaborating with formula makers. But the law doesn’t ban formula companies from advertising. Currently, only 29% of Chinese mothers are exclusively breastfeeding their babies under six months of age, compared to