The Beidaihe meeting, or "summer summit" as it is known to China watchers, is held annually in the resort town in Hebei province. It is where China's leaders and elders from earlier generations meet i

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Chinese leaders to take a seaside break (it’s not as fun as it sounds)
With the dog days of August upon Beijing, Chinese leaders are expected to gather in the coming days in a northern beach resort to escape the heat of the capital – and to talk. The resort, called Beidaihe, is located some 180 miles east of Beijing. It provides a relaxed environment for Communist Party leaders, retired and current, to exchange views that often become policy later. But while they might spend time on the beach, this year’s meeting will be watched particularly closely, with a host of unprecedented challenges facing the leadership. These include deteriorating Sino-US relations; the mass protests in Hong Kong, which leaders in Beijing may see as a challenge to its sovereignty; ris