Latest news and updates on Bilibili. Founded in 2009, Bilibili started as a site for anime, comics, and games fans to submit, view, and comment on videos. A pioneer of so-called “bullet comments”, the

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How an anime site transformed itself into the YouTube of China
What was once a niche platform targetting fans of anime and comics has transformed itself into one of the Chinese tech industry’s biggest success stories.  Named Bilibili, an army of dedicated users known as “uploaders” has transformed the company from a prototype site built in three days by a recent college graduate to the “YouTube of China.” Originally called MikuFans, and later renamed to Bilibili, the company has leveraged a unique combination of original features and an avid fan base to make it the go-to platform for many content creators. This has made the company a big success, both with its users and with Wall Street. Since going public on the Nasdaq in early 2018, Bilibili’s share