Fumbled rollout puts scrutiny on Chinese coronavirus vaccine
A Chinese coronavirus vaccine has been found to have a lower efficacy rate than previously publicized, and now regulators around the world are expected to closely scrutinize the vaccine before approving it for their countries. The 50% efficacy rate is lower than the 78% number that was released by Brazil’s Butantan Institute on January 7, 2021. A series of confusing releases prompted calls from the scientific community for transparency in releasing coronavirus vaccine data. On Wednesday, Sinovac Biotech chairman Yin Weidong insisted that the data showed the vaccine, called CoronaVac, was safe and effective. He pointed out that the Brazilian study included people with “very mild symptoms” an
In Brazil, China-bashing crowns a populist president
China skeptics are having a moment among voters around the world. Brazil, the largest economy in Latin America, elected far-right politician Jair Bolsonaro as president over the weekend. An ardent nationalist and admirer of President Donald Trump, on the campaign trail Bolsonaro repeatedly accusing China’s investments in Brazil of hampering the country’s security. “China isn’t buying in Brazil. China is buying Brazil. This is a big problem that we should be worried about,” 63-year-old Bolsonaro said in the months leading up to the election. “Are you willing to leave Brazil in the hands of the Chinese?” In Brazil, China’s investments hit a seven-year high of $25 billion last year. From 2012 t