The Philippines is now the online gambling capital of China
Inside a well-lit Manila studio, a young Filipino woman in heavy make-up and a low-cut black dress deals card for a game of baccarat, a popular game in casinos worldwide. But she stands alone – the players are thousands of miles away in mainland China. A camera directly opposite produces a video stream which is then marketed to the mainland, where gambling is illegal. Anyone who wants in on the bet must use a VPN to circumvent China’s Great Firewall, which the government uses to keep a tight leash on its domestic internet. After each hand, the dealer deftly swipes the card across a bar code to update the website and show the players if they have won or lost. More data is sent to a server ope
Legendary gambling tycoon Stanley Ho dies at 98
Stanley Ho, the patriarch of Asia’s largest casino empire and a man whose very name is synonymous with Macau’s rise to become the world’s gambling capital, has died. He was 98.  Here are seven things to know about the man: He helped build a gambling hub bigger than Las Vegas from the ground up Stanley Ho’s life will forever be tied to Macau, where he fled during the Second World War with only HK$10 – or about $33 in today’s money – in his pocket.  Then a Portuguese territory, Macau was neutral in the Pacific War, in keeping with Portugal’s neutrality throughout the world war.  Ho got his start in business by working for the Macau Cooperative Company, then the largest company in the territor