China Central Television is the predominant state television broadcaster in China. Founded in 1958, it serves as one of the chief propaganda arms of the Communist government. In 2016, CCTV rebranded i

ts international networks as China Global Television Network (CGTN).

Two Taiwanese musicians may get fined for performing in China
The Taiwanese authorities have threatened to fine two singers for taking part in a mainland Chinese state media show. Ouyang Nana, a Taiwanese cellist and singer, will join singers from Hong Kong in a performance that will be broadcast on CCTV on Wednesday, ahead of the October 1 anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China. The gala will also feature Angela Chang, another Taiwanese singer, in a chorus celebrating the contributions of those who helped fight Covid-19. The singers have millions of fans on the mainland, but Taiwanese authorities said their participation was an attempt by the Beijing authorities to put pressure on the self-ruled island and promote a “one count
CCTV journalist to appear in UK court over assault charge
A Chinese journalist working for state-owned broadcaster CCTV has been charged in the UK with common assault after allegedly slapping a volunteer at a human rights conference in Birmingham last month. West Midlands Police confirmed the charge to the South China Morning Post. Kong Linlin, 48, will appear at court at a later date. Kong, who is based in the UK, was originally taken into custody on September 30 after she allegedly slapped Enoch Lieu, a human rights activist, but was released after the Chinese embassy in London intervened. The conference, held on the same day, was co-organized by London-based NGO Hong Kong Watch and Britain’s Conservative Party Human Rights Commission. The parti
What are Xinhua and CGTN, America’s new ‘foreign agents’?
The Justice Department has ordered two of China’s biggest state media organizations to register as foreign agents, news reports say, as Washington grows wary of Beijing’s efforts to extend its global influence. The state-run Xinhua News Agency and China Global Television Network (CGTN) have been asked to register under the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA), the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg reported. That means they may soon have to join Russia-backed outlets RT and Sputnik to be registered under the 80-year-old law, which requires people representing foreign governments or entities – usually lobbyists – to comply with strict disclosure requirements in the US. The act was passed in
Chinese state media: Thanks, Mr Trump
Unlike Germany, Holland and Iran, which have happily parodied Donald Trump in viral videos, Chinese media has largely avoided attacking the US president, under the government's strict orders. But in a highly unusual move, China’s biggest broadcaster recently dedicated an entire satirical video to mocking Trump's handling of the trade war. First published on Monday night, the English-language video is the most direct swipe at Trump yet from the Chinese propaganda machine. Titled “Thanks Mr Trump, you are GREAT!", the video contains a long-winded thank you letter sarcastically praising Trump for the trade war. But the video has now been pulled from circulation, just days after it was released
The Voice of China, coming to airwaves near you
China is set to create its own version of Voice of America by merging three major state TV and radio stations as part of a propaganda push to promote its global image. The mega state media outlet, China Central Radio and Television, will be known internationally as Voice of China, according to an internal document. The document was made public today after copies circulated widely on social media. State media are the main propaganda front for the party and the government President Xi Jinping  Its name is very similar to the Washington-based, federally funded Voice of America, which broadcasts radio and TV programs mostly outside the US. The new media group will be created by merging state med