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Wuhan’s lockdown lifted
Tens of thousands of people have left the central Chinese city of Wuhan after a nearly 2.5-month lockdown was officially lifted on April 8, 2020. But many restrictions remain in place, as authorities and residents remain wary of a potential new wave of infections.
Police, public clash over border reopening in China
Chinese police officers from two provinces clashed with each other and members of the public on March 27 in a dispute over the reopening of a provincial border following weeks of quarantine measures to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus.
‘I was in despair’: Doctor details how officials crushed early alarm on coronavirus
One of the first Chinese doctors who tried to sound the alarm on the new coronavirus said she was barred from publicizing the virus in the early days of the outbreak. Ai Fen, director of the emergency department at Wuhan Central Hospital, told Chinese magazine People that she was muzzled by authorities for sharing information about the virus without their permission at the start of the outbreak. She posted an image of a diagnostic report on the WeChat social network on December 30, showing that the patient had a pneumonia infection caused by a Sars-like coronavirus.  Her post was shared by Dr Li Wenliang, whom the police tried to silence and whose death set off a torrent of anger at the gove
‘Kingdoms of women’: how modernity threatens Asia’s female-centric societies
While women’s rights may have become a major topic of discussion around the world in recent years, there are female-centric communities that for centuries have distinguished themselves by carving out their own feminist traditions in places such as China, India and Indonesia. But many of these matriarchal and matrilineal societies are now struggling to survive, amid threats posed by the modern world such as mass tourism, technology and the infiltration of ideas from mainstream patriarchal society. In China, for instance, there is a small Mosuo tribe known as the “kingdom of women.”. “Key to the Mosuo culture is their matrilineal family structure, with a basic building block of only members sh
China’s creative banners to fight the coronavirus
For decades, China has used banners to promote government policies and regulations. The fight against the coronavirus that causes Covid-19 has inspired a whole new set of banners across the country as the government scrambles to find ways to educate the public about how to avoid spreading the illness.
The women on the front line of China’s war on coronavirus
For more than a month, Sun Chunlan has worked in the epicenter of China’s coronavirus outbreak, witnessing first the virus’ rapid spread in early February and then its easing in recent days.  She is the lone woman in China’s political leadership, the 25-member Politburo, and the most senior official to have spent considerable time on the ground in the central province of Hubei, where the epidemic was first reported. Despite what analysts said was limited official coverage of her leadership, Sun and other women taking on the tough jobs on the front line of China’s response to the outbreak have found themselves in the firing line for blame and at the center of a controversial state media campa
So you think you can model
A model in eastern China’s Zhejiang province amazed many online for how fast she can change poses. She can strike two poses every second and model up to 485 sets of outfits a day.
The everyday heroes of Wuhan
Many people in the central Chinese city of Wuhan have worked to keep the city functioning after the coronavirus outbreak was first reported there. “If we give up, how would ordinary people’s lives continue in Wuhan?” a delivery worker asked.