How fashion designers are transforming traditional Chinese clothing with Christmas styles
Fashion designers in China have embraced the Christmas spirit this year, transforming the ancient Han dress into festive colors and styles.  Hanfu, or ethnic Han clothing, date back 4,000 years and typically features a sweeping robe depicting dragons or lotus flowers, a cross collar, wide sleeves and a sash.  But just as designers have done with the kimono in Japan, China’s Hanfu has been dramatically reworked too. Yet while many young people have welcomed putting a Christmas spin on the centuries-old attire, Hanfu traditionalists remain concerned at such innovations, said Tan Ningijng, the brand director of Guanzhi Weavings, one of China’s largest online Hanfu stores. Tan said traditionali
Hong Kong top five Christmas displays of 2020
Hong Kong’s festive season is in full swing despite a fourth wave of Covid-19 infections. Although the city has imposed strict social-distancing measures, the dazzling and colourful Christmas displays at shopping centres across the city still attract long queues of masked crowds.
This sweater will ensure your family is socially distant over the holidays
Ugly Christmas sweaters just got an upgrade for 2020, and they are made for a socially distant holiday. American home security company SimpliSafe has tackled the Christmas restrictions with a Social Distancing Sweater prototype, rigged with motion sensors that set of a “screeching” alarm and flashing lights when someone steps closer than six feet of the wearer. According to a company press release and advertisement, the sweater will help wearers say, “‘happy holidays’ and “‘back off!’” all at once. SimpliSafe creative director Wade Devers said in a statement:  “As the experts on protection, albeit home protection, we wanted to give people a playful way to protect themselves during this year