The days of the Chinese mega skyscraper appear to be over
China is home to 44 of the world’s 100 tallest buildings, including the 128-story Shanghai Tower, the second tallest in the world at 2,073 ft. But China is also home to one of the tallest unfinished towers anywhere, the Goldin Finance 117 – otherwise known as the China 117 – in Tianjin, a major port city a couple of hours away from Beijing.   When it broke ground 12 years ago, the hope was that the mega skyscraper eclipse the Shanghai Tower as the tallest building outside of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. But financial difficulties saw construction grind to a halt in 2015 and the construction on the mega tower has been delayed repeatedly and remains suspended today, according to the local gover
China’s frozen cities
Some cities in China appear to have had a visit from the Disney ice queen Elsa of Frozen II fame after buildings, trees and nearby mountains were coated with a layer of frost.
Can Hong Kong make female urinals a reality?
Women around the world will know the frustration of standing in seemingly interminable lines for the restroom, while watching men waltz in and out of urinals with no wait. The Hong Kong Toilet Association says it has a solution to this age-old problem. It is calling for female urinals to be built in the city’s public toilets. The association says such facilities would cut peeing time to just 90 seconds, compared with the usual two to three minutes, and help to shorten lines outside women’s washrooms. Urinals would also take up only half the space of a full cubicle, the group said, adding that the facilities could include disposable paper urine funnels to help women aim accurately. They could
Tradition amid transition: Yuen Long, Hong Kong
A shocking attack by suspected triad members in Hong Kong has focused attention on Yuen Long, a northern district where the violence took place. It is a bustling district in Hong Kong’s New Territories, where, less than a century ago, visitors found little more than a cluster of agricultural villages. In the 1980s, Yuen Long’s town center was built and a new residential town called Tin Shui Wai was established.  But people in the district still cling to their cultural heritage and traditional roots. Denise Tsang, a reporter with the South China Morning Post, visits the neighborhood.