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China wants its own Yellowstone National Park
China plans to develop a unified national park system by 2020, after gathering inspiration from wilderness recreation areas in the United States.  Chinese officials in charge of the project have visited Yellowstone National Park and other protected areas and met with conservation experts to prepare for the task.  Chinese state media reports said 10 national parks have started operating on a trial basis to protect ecological systems. The conservation efforts are said to protect threatened plant species and animals such as the giant panda, Siberian tiger and Amur leopard.
Birds of Beijing and the fight to save them
Think of Beijing and “avian super highway” is not the first phrase that springs to mind. China’s capital is a smoggy metropolis that is home to more than 21 million people. But as a stop for several bird species migrating between Russia’s Far East and warmer southern climes, Beijing plays an unlikely – if not always welcoming – host to some fascinating feathered friends. “Siberia is vast and there aren't many people living there; there are huge forests and tundra so the region sees an explosion of insects in the summer months. This makes it a huge feeding ground for birds. But it gets bitterly cold there in the winter so most of the birds head south in search of warmer weather,” says British