Home-cooking healing: five movies to inspire your inner chef
It’s safe to say that the coronavirus pandemic has upended life as we once knew it.  Gone are weekend brunches, happy hour drinks with friends and delicious dining out experiences. Now, many people around the world have been forced to fend for themselves in the kitchen. And unless you’re lucky enough to know a cordon bleu chef or be one yourself, we’d hazard a guess that, by now, quarantine cooking is starting to sour. Here at Inkstone, we want to bring a bit of spice back into your culinary life with inspiration from these five films about the healing power of home cooking. Babette’s Feast (1987) The Danish drama sees a once-celebrated chef, Babette Hersant (Stéphane Audran), seeking refu
How to make a uniquely Asian fried chicken sandwich
There is nothing quite like a good fried chicken sandwich and this recipe includes a fantastic Acar slaw, a Southeast Asian dish, to add some diversity to every bite.  The marinade for these fried chicken sandwiches couldn’t be easier, but the slaw takes a little work.  While traditional cooks would use a mortar and pestle to pound the mixture of spices, it’s much easier to grind them in a high-speed blender. Sambal belacan and coconut milk fried chicken sandwiches with acar slaw Belacan comes in hard, dry blocks, or in jars, where it is more moist.  For this recipe, use the dry version. The sambal belacan can be home-made or purchased in jars. Candlenuts can be difficult to source – look i
Meet the chef who once cooked for Deng Xiaoping
Liu Guo-zhu is the executive chef of the two-Michelin-star Golden Flower restaurant in Macau, specializing in imperial Tan cuisine, which comes from Beijing and has aristocratic roots. In an interview, he talks about cooking for China’s late paramount leader and why traditions are essential for Chinese chefs. What was it like cooking for Deng Xiaoping? He loved dishes with chili because he was from Sichuan. He liked to enjoy a bit of alcohol as well. Back in 1981, there was a big military exercise for six days and he insisted on watching over the whole thing. The exercise was in Zhangjiakou, near Inner Mongolia, and the weather was cold. The quality of lamb from Inner Mongolia was known to