The latest stories on the coronavirus cases in Africa. The continent is witnessing new cases of Covid-19 in South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya, as well as other, smaller states. The search for a cure for

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Covid-19 forces Africa to seek mercy from its biggest creditor: China
African states expect a devastating economic impact from the Covid-19 pandemic and are appealing for relief from repayments on billions of dollars in debt. Most of those appeals involve China, the biggest lender to the continent, but it is unclear how Beijing will respond. Angola, Zambia, Sudan and the Republic of Congo (Brazzaville) are among those seeking relief, arguing they need to reallocate funds to health care and equipping hospitals to fight the coronavirus, which has infected almost 3.7 million people worldwide. Africa was largely spared in the early days of the outbreak, but cases as of Tuesday had jumped to 47,581, with 1,862 dead. London-based Jubilee Debt Campaign, which is pus
The US and China are battling for influence. Who’s winning?
In 2018, President Xi Jinping said China would “take an active part in leading the reform of the global governance system” as part of an effort to build “a community with a shared future for humanity.” That message was vague enough to attract little attention, until the Covid-19 pandemic arrived, bringing upheaval and uncertainty, along with the potential to redraw the map of global power and influence.  The question then became: what would China’s role in global governance reform look like? The organization at the forefront of this debate has been the World Health Organization, which is on the front line in coordinating the fight against Covid-19. Critics – President Donald Trump prominent
Africa is juggling coronavirus pandemic with other disease outbreaks
The battle against Covid-19 risks undermining other public health campaigns in Africa as attention and resources are diverted away from other projects such as immunization and anti-malaria campaigns. Before the coronavirus arrived in Africa, the continent was battling to contain measles, polio, malaria, cholera, tuberculosis and Ebola, which were killing thousands of people annually. Millions of dollars that were directed toward immunization programs have now been halted while the battle against Covid-19 takes center stage. The World Health Organization has warned that these shutdowns risk triggering a resurgence of preventable diseases.  It said that when immunization services are disrupte
How social distancing might stick after the coronavirus
The devastating coronavirus pandemic has forced the world into an unprecedented social experiment: a “new normal” of social distancing. In an effort to contain the spread of Covid-19, the pneumonia-like disease caused by the virus, governments have first encouraged, then compelled people to practice social distancing, or keeping a physical distance between individuals.  People have been told to stay and work at home whenever possible, avoid crowded areas and suspend social gatherings – with varying success. Behavioral scientists say social distancing is challenging for humans, as innately social creatures, and has come with different costs for the world’s poor, those providing front-line and