School girl without hands wins an American handwriting competition
Sara Hinesley was born without hands. But that didn’t stop the 10-year-old girl from winning a national handwriting contest in the United States. Sara uses no prosthetics and writes with a pencil held between her arms. “She has this independent streak where she just knows that she can do it and she’ll figure out her own way," her mother, Cathryn Hinesley, told The Washington Post. Born in China, Sara came to the US four years ago after the Hinesley family adopted her. She is now a third-grade student studying at St John’s Regional Catholic School in Maryland. Since China passed legislation in 1992 to allow non-Chinese citizens to adopt the country’s orphans, American families have become to
Raising a child with autism in China
In China, children with autism are referred to as “children of the stars,” because communicating with them has been compared to talking to aliens. China has some an estimated two million people on the autism spectrum, but there’s very little support for them or their families. Wang Xuetao, 13, has never spoken clearly.  His mother Yang Yang, whose husband is intellectually disabled, struggles to raise her son by herself.