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What makes Elon Musk dance like nobody’s watching in China
The video came with a warning, for good reason. Elon Musk, co-founder and CEO of Tesla, shared footage of him awkwardly dancing on stage at a Shanghai event for his electric car company.  In his own telling, the video of his flailing limps was “NSFW!!” – not safe for work – internet lingo usually applied to porn and other stuff you don’t want to be caught watching in the office. At Tesla Giga Shanghai NSFW!! — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) January 7, 2020 Scripted or not, Musk’s unabashed display of joy is testimony to the good fortune he’s had in China as he sought to expand Tesla’s sales and production.  The Shanghai event was held on Tuesday to mark the delivery to cust
Hong Kong to ban diesel and gas cars in 20 years
Hong Kong plans to phase out all fossil fuel vehicles over the next 10 to 20 years and switch to electric modes of commercial and public transport to improve air quality, according to the city’s environment chief. Roadside pollution remains a major concern in Hong Kong, which has one of the world’s highest population and traffic densities. The government’s push could potentially accelerate electric vehicle adoption in the small and wealthy financial hub, which has already seen EV sales grow a hundredfold in less than a decade.  As of August, there were 12,195 electric vehicles approved for road use in Hong Kong, up from fewer than 100 at the end of 2010. Today, EVs make up about 1.8% of priv
China’s Tesla challenger stalls on Beijing’s swankiest street
The cutting-edge image of Chinese electric car builder Nio was blunted a little after a test drive of one of its smart cars ground to a halt on one of Beijing’s most prestigious addresses, leaving the driver and a Nio rep stuck inside until the vehicle completed a software update. Nio, which markets itself as a challenger to Tesla, confirmed the incident on its Weibo account on Tuesday, claiming the driver “accidentally made a series of operations that activated the system update” during a traffic jam on Changan Avenue. The car “went dark to start an update that lasted more than an hour,” according to a message posted by the Nio employee on social media. The 2.4 mile-long Changan Avenue, wh
China is the undisputed king of electric transport
It’s 9pm when the first buses start arriving at the Shanghai Bashi Public Transportation depot. In the coming two hours, as they finish service around the city’s Baoshan district, almost 300 drivers will bring their vehicles in to be cleaned, maintained and parked for the night. The queue to enter the security gate grows, but the employee in charge of the gas pumps has little to do. He battles boredom with his phone while buses pass by. His future employment prospects look bleaker still. Two hundred and forty of the buses here at the depot are fully electric. It seems likely that, next year, no combustion engines will enter the premises at all. In an effort to curb pollution and noise, China
The beating heart of China’s electric car industry
The world’s top-selling electric vehicle maker is a Chinese brand named BYD Auto – that stands for “Build Your Dreams.” At its assembly line in Shenzhen, the largest electric car factory in China, a vehicle rolls off the production line every 90 seconds. The Chinese government wants the country to be a global leader in electric vehicles, as part of its ambitious “Made in China 2025” initiative. Check out our video, above, to take a look inside the beating heart of China’s growing electric car industry.
Can China become No 1 in electric cars?
An electric car rolls off the production line at top Chinese electric carmaker BYD’s factory in the southern Chinese mega city of Shenzhen every 90 seconds. While Tesla often grabs the headlines, BYD and rivals like Beijing Auto and Roewe are quietly selling enough electric vehicles (EVs) to make China the world’s largest market for both electric and conventional cars. In fact, sales of electric vehicles in China reached 770,000 units last year, more than half of all new-energy vehicles sold globally. Driving the explosive growth is a government desire to promote the country as a world leader in green vehicles. This is because of serious pollution problems at home, as well as a broader goal
Tesla’s opening a gigafactory in China
The US-China trade war is hurting America's biggest electric car maker – but maybe not for long. Tesla has had to raise its China prices by 20%, in response to retaliatory tariffs on US imports to China. But now Tesla has announced that it is about to set up its first overseas assembly plant in Shanghai, establishing a beachhead in the world’s largest vehicle market. The California-based carmaker will establish its Gigafactory 3 on the outskirts of Shanghai, with an annual capacity to produce 500,000 vehicles, according to an announcement. The wholly foreign-owned plant – the first in China to operate without a local partner – will also be the largest overseas manufacturing investment in the