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Godfrey Gao death prompts questions of celebrity exploitation
The death of Taiwanese actor Godfrey Gao has prompted questions about whether the Chinese and South Korean reality television industry exploits celebrities to satiate audience hunger for evermore extreme situations.  Gao died of sudden cardiac arrest in November during the shooting of Chinese reality show Chase Me – a spin-off from South Korea’s most popular reality show Running Man. In both shows, cast members competed in races and missions every week that involve physical activities such as running, hiding and chasing each other. Gao fell and lost consciousness while making the show, after reportedly suffering from the flu and working for 17 hours before his death. Chase Me was canceled af
How a Chinese student became one of the world’s most sought-after models
In the space of mere months, David Yang went from a novice model to being featured on a billboard in Times Square in New York. Yang’s whirlwind rise to fame began when he received a call from his agent while in Kyoto, Japan. The model was told to fly to London to get a US visa and to book a ticket to New York for a potential shoot with H&M. Within weeks, Yang found himself on a beach shooting the images that would ultimately see him become the campaign poster-boy for the Swedish fast-fashion retailer and taking up prime real estate on a billboard in New York’s famous square. Two years later and Yang still can’t quite believe the life-changing series of events that happened to him. “It was a
The unusual wedding gifts bestowed on Taiwanese star
Salt, fat, acid...tea? These things certainly aren’t common items on a wedding registry.  But for newlyweds Lin Chi-ling, a Taiwanese supermodel and actress, and her new husband Akira, a Japanese singer and actor, the pantry essentials were exactly what they wanted. To celebrate Lin’s family heritage, the couple decided to wed in the coastal Taiwanese town of Tainan on Sunday, thrilling the local authorities.          View this post on Instagram                       A post shared by 林志玲chiling (@chiling.lin) on Nov 17, 2019 at 1:35am PST The Tainan city authorities prepared a cartload of goods for Lin to honor local tradition. It included firewood, rice, oil, salt, soy
Hong Kong pop star Joey Yung slammed by Chinese fans for surgical mask selfie
A reality of 2019 is that surgical face masks have become ubiquitous across the world. They are commonly used for hygiene, avoiding pollution and, increasingly, fashion. Celebrities like British model Naomi Campbell went viral for her over-the-top airport routine (that involved face masks), while K-pop stars use it as a fashion statement. It can get tricky when the celebrity is from Hong Kong. Cantopop star Joey Yung Cho-yee donned a surgical mask right before a flight and posted a selfie. Mainland Chinese netizens subsequently slammed her for siding with the protest movement in Hong Kong. Facial masks have become a symbol of the anti-government protesters in Hong Kong, many of whom use the
Ex-NBA star Yao Ming graduates (after 7 years of college)
It took him seven years, eight NBA seasons and one induction into the NBA Hall of Fame, but Yao Ming is finally graduating college. He may have a winery in Napa Valley and a net worth of $330 million, but China’s best known basketball star now has it all. After all, in Chinese culture, academic success is prized above all things. And as of Sunday, Yao is a graduate of the elite Shanghai Jiao Tong University’s School of Economics and Management. Normally a four-year course, it took Yao seven years to complete the degree, which he started after retiring from pro ball in 2011. Speaking at his graduation ceremony on Sunday, the 38-year-old Yao thanked his parents for pushing him to get his degr
Will China’s newest girl group finally make it big?
The 11 members of China’s newest girl group are living a dream. Voted in from a pool of 101 aspiring singers by hundreds of millions of fans, the members of the group – named Rocket Girl 101 – are the product of China’s newest hit TV talent show. But Rocket Girl 101’s future may not be written in the stars. Industry observers say that more than 200 girl groups have been formed in China since 2016 – but so far none of them have become household names. Reality bites The format of the reality show, named Produce 101, will be familiar enough to viewers around the world. Modeled on a South Korean program of the same name, the show saw 101 starting contestants whittled down to a 11 over a series