Why the doors to America are closing for Chinese tech students
For many international students in US colleges, landing a job in the country could make their careers. But for millions of Chinese students graduating with degrees in technology, the nerve-wracking process of getting an American work visa has been complicated by heightened tensions between the United States and China. Chinese tech students in US colleges, especially those majoring in robotics, aviation, engineering and hi-tech manufacturing, say they have become collateral damage as Washington has increasingly painted Chinese nationals as potential threats. FBI Director Christopher Wray on Friday accused China of trying to “steal its way up the economic ladder,” naming “graduate students and
Bus company accused of mocking Chinese students settles lawsuit. It isn’t sorry
In April 2018, an American bus company was sued by Illinois prosecutors for alleged racial discrimination over an advertisement saying, “You won’t feel like you’re in China when you’re on our buses.” The bus company, Suburban Express, reached a six-figure settlement on April 9 that would allow the company to continue shuttling students between campuses and the Chicago area. But the deal does not mean the company, or its owner Dennis Toeppen, admits to having done anything wrong. On the contrary, Suburban Express said it “felt that it was being extorted by the state,” according to the company’s statement.   It “chose a $100k payment to state rather than spending $250k-$500k defeating the law