Foxconn is the world's biggest maker of electronic components. Primarily an original equipment manufacturer, its clients include some of the world’s best known electronics and information technology c

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iPhone billionaire tells Trump he’ll go to Washington if elected Taiwan’s president
Foxconn billionaire chairman Terry Gou has met President Donald Trump at the White House, saying he would continue to seek US support for Taiwan should he become the island’s president. The fledgling politician has said he will run as a candidate of the pro-Beijing Kuomintang party in Taiwan, which Beijing doesn’t control but claims as its own territory, to be taken by force if necessary. Gou told Trump that he would be a peacemaker, but not a troublemaker, should he be elected, according to Taiwan’s Central News Agency, which quoted him as saying: “If I am elected, I would be seeking to go to Washington.” No Taiwanese president has met with an American president since the United States bro
‘Tibetans and Uygurs not accepted’: Apple supplier probes hiring discrimination
Now hiring: workers at the world’s biggest iPhone factories. Tibetans and Uyghurs need not apply. The exclusion of ethnic minority job seekers was openly stated by a recruiting agency for Foxconn, Apple’s largest supplier, in the central Chinese city of Zhengzhou. In response to an inquiry from Inkstone, Foxconn said on Friday that it had begun an investigation into the agency and vowed to help end discriminatory hiring. “It has come to our attention that an unauthorized recruitment agency may be using our name illegally for recruitment purposes and without Foxconn approval,” the company said in a statement to Inkstone. “We immediately alerted local government officials to this possible illi
Trump’s ‘8th wonder of the world’ may not be what he imagined
Remember that big deal President Trump said would bring a factory to the United States and create thousands of manufacturing jobs? The world’s top contract electronics maker, Foxconn, no longer seems so hot on the idea of making things in its planned Wisconsin facility, which Trump had touted in June as “the eighth wonder of the world.” While the Taiwanese company said it remained committed to creating the 13,000 jobs it had promised in 2017, the Wisconsin project might not benefit the kind of blue-collar workers that the president has styled himself a champion of. Citing “new realities,” Foxconn said that it was seeking to hire “knowledge workers” at the facility, according to a statement t
Trump uses a US factory to stay agressive on China
President Donald Trump has emphasized his hardline stance towards China during a groundbreaking ceremony for a $10 billion electronics plant in the US. “We’ve helped rebuild China. Someday they’ll say thank you. But we don’t want to do that any more,” Trump said on Thursday at the ceremony for the new Wisconsin plant of Foxconn, the world’s largest contract electronics maker. The Taiwan-based company employs about a million people in China as the nation’s largest private employer. Its factories in China assemble consumer electronics of all sizes and specifications, including iPads and iPhones. Apple is the source of more than half of the firm’s $158 billion revenue. Foxconn says the Wisconsi