A last-minute Christmas gift guide for tech lovers
If technology is baffling and you need help in choosing the perfect Christmas gift. We’ve got you covered. Tech reporters from the South China Morning Post have spent all year “playing” with some of the latest, greatest gadgets and gizmos.  Here are their favorites (all prices are for reference only): This Macbook Air has hit a winning nerve with our staunchest PC-loving editor. I have only ever owned two Apple products – a MacBook Pro and iPad Pro – until the new M1 Macbooks were announced. After reading a deluge of incredible reviews, I picked up the baseline M1 MacBook Air the weekend after it came out.  Having used it for about three weeks now, I can confidently say the hype is real. It
Can the HomePod mini handle Chinese accents?
The Apple HomePod mini is marketed as having Chinese language recognition ability that sets it apart from other smart speakers. The device is said to be able to support Mandarin and Cantonese dialects. So we put the HomePod mini to the test to see if Siri can understand different Chinese accents as well as dialects.