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Squad of women fight discrimination in Chinese work culture
There’s a dark side for women seeking employment in China – blatant gender discrimination. During job interviews, many women routinely face questions of whether they are single or married, while others are forced to sign contracts that state they won’t get pregnant for three years. “We’ve come across (job) ads that say ‘women under 30’,” said a women’s rights campaigner who goes by the alias Hepburn. She added that others state bluntly: “men preferred.” Hepburn is a member of the “Inspection Squad for Workplace Gender Discrimination,” a 70-person strong movement taking on China’s corporations in the fight for equality. But, she admits, it’s a difficult battle, particularly as Chinese Presid
New masculinity causes stir in China
The removal of a boy band as the marketing face of a marathon has prompted a debate about masculinity in China. Hangzhou, an eastern city in China, pulled posters that featured the seven-person boy band S.K.Y. after runners said the idols were “not masculine enough” to represent the event.  The posters were released by the Hangzhou Marathon Committee on Monday ahead of the November 22 event. In the poster, the idols, dressed in casual suits with dyed hair and full facial makeup, were photographed next to the caption “running towards your youth.”  As soon as the posters and advertisements were posted, runners went online to vent their anger, calling the group “unfit” to represent a marathon.
Why Chinese mothers go abroad for sperm donors
In China, the marriage rate is falling and more affluent single women are seeking to become mothers without husbands. They are turning to overseas options. Unmarried women in China are largely barred from accessing sperm banks and in-vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment, where an egg is fertilized by sperm outside the body. One single mother by choice tells her story.