General Electric is one of the largest US companies in the world. It operates in four areas: energy, technology infrastructure, finance and consumer and industrial. In 1896, GE was one of the original

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Did a Chinese-American steal GE docs with a sunset pic?
A Chinese-American engineer has been arrested by the FBI in New York and charged with stealing trade secrets from General Electric. Xiaoqing Zheng, a naturalized US citizen, is accused of stealing information related to GE’s turbine technology. Investigators alleged that Zheng had used elaborate and sophisticated methods to steal sensitive information. According to legal documents, on July 5 Zheng encrypted corporate information within a digital photo of a sunset, a process known as steganography. DEVELOPMENT: A man believed to be Xiaoqing Zheng was just taken out by FBI/ICE in handcuffs. — Barry Wygel (@BarryWygel) August 1, 2018 He then sent the photo to his pers