The Huawei 5G fight is at the centre of the US-China tech war. The Chinese company is one of the world’s largest telecommunications equipment and services providers. A Huawei ban was implemented in th

e US in May 2019. 

China’s top private businesses hurt by the trade war
Every Tuesday and Thursday, Inkstone Index features one important number about China to give you insight into the rising power. 36%: The share of private companies in China that said they were hurt by the US-China trade war. More than a third of top Chinese private companies reported feeling the burn from the US-China trade war, according to a survey released by the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, a chamber of commerce in China. 152 of the 500 largest companies in China said the trade war had negatively affected their business while 246 said it had not. 102 companies did not answer that particular question. China has routinely downplayed the domestic effect of the trade war at
Huawei hopes to find Harmony in a new operating system
Huawei Technologies, currently the world’s biggest smartphone maker, said it is preparing to switch from Google’s widely-used Android operating system to its own Harmony OS.  It is a pivotal move for the world’s largest smartphone maker as it seeks to remain competitive after the US moved to blocked its access to US-origin technology. In May last year, Huawei’s addition to the US entity list barred Google from providing technical support for new Huawei phone models using Android. It effectively cuts Huawei off from Google-made apps like the Gmail, Google Drive and the Play app store.  The Android operating system powers the millions of smartphones that the Shenzhen-based company ships each
Apple and Huawei are winners of the pandemic
Every Tuesday and Thursday, Inkstone Index features one important number about China to give you insight into the rising power. 32%: The increase in iPhone sales in China between April and June in 2020 compared to the same period last year. Huawei was the only other brand that saw smartphone sales rise, enjoying a 14% increase over those three months. The success of Huawei did not funnel to other China brands, which saw a significant drop in sales. Oppo’s smartphone sale lost 31% while Vivo was down 29%. Overall smartphone sales in China declined by 17%, according to market research firm Counterpoint. Apple’s impressive turnaround in China has much to do with its latest low price strategy. 
What next for Huawei after yet more US tech sanctions?
After the United States further tightened its restrictions on Chinese telecoms maker Huawei on Monday, analysts had only one word to describe the situation facing the company: impossible. In what has become a major battleground in the growing US-China tech rivalry, the Trump administration – which claims Huawei products could be used to facilitate spying by the Chinese government – has blacklisted a further 38 Huawei affiliates from buying US products. It aims to strangle the Chinese company by cutting off its ability to buy semiconductors produced using American technology. Since May, foreign chip makers using US technology have been required to apply for a license to sell chips to Huawei.
The pandemic has dimmed Europe’s view of China, surveys suggest
Every Tuesday and Thursday, Inkstone Index features one important number about China to give you insight into the rising power. 48%: The percentage of Europeans who viewed China less favorably during the coronavirus pandemic.  Nearly half of all respondents to surveys in nine major EU countries said their views of China worsened during the Covid-19 crisis, the European Council on Foreign Relations said. The darkening view of China was the starkest in France and Denmark, where 62% of respondents said they saw the country more negatively since the outbreak of the pandemic in Europe in early 2020, according to data compiled by the think tank. A minority of respondents reported having a more fav
Huawei becomes top dog in China’s smartphone market
The days of the iPhone being the king of smartphones in China are over, according to newly-released figures from research firm QuestMobile. More than 26% of all smartphone owners in China are now Huawei users, compared with just above 21% for Apple. In June, the share of active iOS systems dropped about two percentage points from a year ago, the report said.  That being said, Apple is still doing well in China. The company saw a 225% jump in iPhone sales in the three months ending in June 2020. The growth suggests a strong recovery from the first three months of 2020, when the coronavirus pandemic forced the company to shut stores across China. Huawei has also become one of the most visibl
Britain decided to ban Huawei after all
Huawei Technologies will be banned from the UK's 5G network, the British government announced on Tuesday in a major policy reversal. The decision follows escalating tension with Beijing and pressure from Washington and could add to the pressure on other European countries to review their approach to the Chinese telecoms giant. By tearing up his earlier decision to allow Huawei partial access to Britain’s 5G networks, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has ignored threats from Chinese officials that there will be “consequences” if the UK treats China as a “hostile partner.” The decision marks the end of a long debate in Britain's government about the Chinese firm, with critics, including members o
Huawei executive one step closer to extradition to US
A Canadian judge has rejected a bid by Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou to have her US extradition case thrown out. The decision brought the chief financial officer of the Chinese telecoms champion one step closer to facing fraud charges in America, in a case that has strained China’s relations with Canada and the United States. China responded by accusing Canada of acting as an “accomplice” to the US in a “grave political incident.” The US Justice Department has accused Meng of defrauding HSBC bank by deceiving an executive in Hong Kong about Huawei’s alleged business dealings in Iran, a breach of American sanctions. US prosecutors want Meng extradited from Canada to face trial in New York. J
Huawei says it’s coping with coronavirus and US sanctions just fine
While the coronavirus pandemic may have forced many companies in China and around the world to hit the pause button on business operations, engineers at Huawei Technologies have been working round the clock to combat the crisis. The world’s largest telecommunications equipment supplier and China’s biggest smartphone maker has been motivated by a sense of mission, said Ren Zhengfei, founder and chief executive of Huawei, as he sat down for an interview with the South China Morning Post this week. “Over 20,000 scientists, experts and engineers worked overtime during the Lunar New Year holiday, because we’re racing to develop new [technologies],” Ren said, referring to the work in progress as “
Pompeo calls Chinese Communist Party ‘central threat of our times’
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called China’s ruling party the “central threat of our times,” as he sought to convince allies to push back against Beijing’s growing influence. The top American diplomat made the declaration in London after the United Kingdom defied US pressure in approving limited use of Huawei equipment in its next-generation, or 5G, wireless network. The Trump administration has called on its European allies to join the United States in banning the Chinese telecoms giant, accusing the company of being a security threat. Western allies must “ensure that the next century is governed by … Western democratic principles,” Pompeo said during a joint appearance with British For