Beaten & abused: an Indonesian bride trafficked to China
Monika, from Indonesia, was promised a good life if she married a man from China. The 23-year-old soon found out that she had been lied to by the matchmaker who recruited her. She says her husband beat her for refusing to have sex with him. Her mother-in-law physically and verbally abused her. This is the story of her 10-month ordeal. “The matchmaker told me that I would live a good life in China, and that I would be able to send money to my parents and that my husband would give me an allowance,” she said. “She also said that I would be able to return home and visit my parents any time.” Monika, who completed only the early years of secondary school and doesn’t speak English or Chinese, dec
How ‘bride traffickers’ force women into prostitution in China
Pakistan said it has busted a criminal ring that trafficked young women to China, arresting eight Chinese nationals and four Pakistanis suspected of human trafficking. “The gang members confessed that they have sent at least 36 Pakistani girls to China where they are being used for prostitution,” Jameel Ahmad, a top official at Pakistan’s Federal Investigation Agency, said on Monday, Reuters reported. The cases in Pakistan highlight what Human Rights Watch has called a “disturbingly similar pattern” of women being trafficked to China for sham marriages from at least five other Asian countries. Over the years, similar cases of trafficking of young and underprivileged girls have been reported
A Chinese baby for sale for $9,000 on social media
For sale: a healthy baby boy. Six people have been arrested in central China after claims that a newborn baby boy was offered for sale on social media for 60,000 yuan ($9,200), according to a police statement. An investigative report by the Xiaoxiang Morning Post was the first to point the finger at a group based in the city of Yiyang, Hunan province, which it accused of running a human trafficking operation via the popular messaging platform WeChat. According to the newspaper article, the group posted a message in mid-June that offered “a newborn, healthy boy” for sale. Anyone interested in buying him should “please come to Hunan, Yiyang quickly.” The post was accompanied by two videos of a
Sold to China: Vietnam’s 6,000 child brides
It was 8pm on a scorching summer night when Tien, a quiet, timid teenager, left her home in a coastal province of central Vietnam to spend the night at her cousin’s. Or at least, that’s what the 16-year-old had told her family. In fact, she planned to leave the village to escape the pressure on her to get married. Hoping her cousin would help her find a job, she slipped out the door. It was nearly two years before she would return, by then having endured horrors beyond the imagination of most teenagers. The cousin she had trusted, rather than finding her a job, had sold her to a human trafficking broker in China who resold her as a bride. Tien became part of a depressing new statistic: the g
A new law will raise Hong Kong’s anti-trafficking game
The Hong Kong government will consider a new law and has recently announced an action plan to help it more effectively fight human trafficking. If passed the law, drafted by a Hong Kong lawmaker and two prominent lawyers, will go some way to address criticism that the city's government has not done enough to address this problem. The Global Slavery Index, a project which monitors slavery internationally, in 2016 ranked Hong Kong as having the second worst government response to slavery in Asia, above only that of North Korea. It estimates there are 45.8 million slaves worldwide Human trafficking involves the trade of humans for various purposes including prostitution, forced labor and forced