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How Hong Kong protest tactics are being used in India
It all started with a simple poster doing the rounds on WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook, asking people to show solidarity with students in India who had been assaulted while protesting against the country’s new religion-based citizenship law. A group of friends felt stirred by visuals, streamed onto their phones on Sunday night, of police forces entering the Indian capital’s Jamia Millia Islamia University firing tear gas into the college campus. “We felt we had to urgently send out a message of solidarity with the students and resist [the police actions], because if not, we could be next,” said a member of the group, Ruben Mascarenhas, a Mumbai-based activist. So they made a poster asking
India, empire and China: the story of masala chai
India and masala chai are inextricably linked in the popular imagination. Across the country, the sweet and spicy aroma of chai (which means tea) wafts out of homes, offices and railway stations.  Its rich, creamy consistency invokes comparisons to coffee, and even in Starbucks it is as much a part of daily life as its bean-based competitor. And if we read the tea leaves closely, we will see that the history of masala chai is intertwined with China and its own troubled history with the British Empire.  The mythology of tea dates back to the story of Bodhidharma, an Indian monk who traveled to China in the late-5th or early-6th century. The monk, credited with founding Zen Buddhism and Shaol
Film star Aamir Khan is changing what China thinks of India
Watching the same movie six times, traveling to attend promotional events and learning a new language are among the things Zhao Jiacheng has done to get close to his favorite film star. But instead of local celebrities or Hollywood superstars, Zhao has become an ardent fan of Indian actor and filmmaker Aamir Khan. To the 22-year-old, apart from superb acting skills, Khan’s social conscience and activism are his most appealing qualities. “India is lucky to have Aamir Khan. Not every country has personalities like him who are influential and unafraid of the rich and powerful,” says Zhao. He is just one of the many Khan’s fans in China. It is difficult to put a number on how many he has: but K