Learn our lessons to contain the coronavirus, China’s experts tell the West
As China’s coronavirus crisis appears to wane and infections elsewhere in the world rise, the message from Beijing is that some countries in the West have been too slow to react and have not done enough to contain the pandemic. The World Health Organization (WHO) announced on the weekend that Europe was the new epicenter of the pandemic, a mantle that had previously hung over China, where the pathogen first emerged. The number of cases has exploded in countries such as Spain, which now has almost 8,000 reported infections, and Italy, with more than 24,000. Western governments have rushed to introduce containment measures as the number of cases in the rest of the world surpassed the total in
Stocks tumble, masks run out as coronavirus goes global
The spread of the new coronavirus has eased in China but worsened elsewhere, adding to fears of a global pandemic.  South Korea on Friday reported more new infections of the virus than any other country did, after overtaking China’s daily tally for the first time on Thursday. Several countries in Europe and South America have reported their first coronavirus cases this week. And Italy and Iran have emerged as new regional centers of the outbreak of the Covid-19 disease. The continued global spread of the virus has spooked investors and prompted governments to ramp up their emergency responses to fend off a public health crisis that could upset their economies. The US stock market saw a histo
Rich Chinese diners can’t get enough of this musky ‘white gold’
Averaging €300 for 100 grams (about $1,350 per pound) – but with the largest specimens selling for substantially more – highly sought-after white truffles from Italy’s northern Piedmont region are commonly called “white gold.” The Chinese love affair with these musky-tasting truffles has given rise to a niche industry of cooks, businessmen and millionaires from Shanghai to Singapore. They have become the main buyers of the expensive delicacy and the major protagonists in the annual truffle drama – the yearly auction in the Piedmont town of Alba. “Each year in Alba we stage the white truffle global auction, and for the past 15 years it has been held simultaneously through streaming in Hong Ko
The Chinese ‘guardians‘ of Italy’s coffee culture
“Chinese bars are everywhere, and the cappuccino is in a state of shock.”  So go the translated lyrics of a slightly xenophobic 2013 Italian pop song by the Milanese duo “Il Genio.” It is about Chinese migrants taking over neighborhood cafes in northern and central Italy. Six years later and, according to an article in the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera earlier this month, 11.5% of bars in Milan are run by first- and second-generation migrants from China. Italy has one of the highest Chinese populations in Europe, with more than 300,000 officially registered and many more living there illegally. Around 90% of them come from China’s Zhejiang province. The Chinese first arrived in Mila