Jack Ma Yun, born in 1964, is a famous Chinese Internet entrepreneur and founder of Alibaba, Taobao and Alipay, three of China's leading e-commerce firms. 

The world's largest IPO has been suspended
China’s regulators have foiled the largest stock sale in global finance as they called a halt on the November 5 debut of Ant Group’s IPO on the Shanghai and Hong Kong exchanges, less than 48 hours before the highly anticipated start of trading. Some 1.55 million small investors in Hong Kong had pumped $167.7 billion into the initial public offering in a bid to get a slice of the shares. They will get refunds, which include brokerage commission and stock exchange trading fee, within this week, according to Ant’s stock exchange filing. A meeting earlier this week between Ant Group’s senior executives and China’s top financial regulators led to “significant change” to Ant’s business environment
What is Jack Ma’s Ant Group, the fintech giant set for the world’s biggest IPO?
Digital financial services giant Ant Group is on the cusp of pulling off the world’s biggest initial public offering and could be worth over $500 billion in the near future, riding on the digitization of financial services in the world’s second-largest economy. Ant’s coming out parade illustrates China’s lead in digital finance. Its super-slick mobile payment app, Alipay, has over 1 billion users, who can click on the Alipay app for services ranging from food deliveries to garbage collection. It is the world’s most popular app outside social-media networks. Ant plans to plough the $34.5 billion it is raising from dual listings in Hong Kong and Shanghai into future revenue drivers, such as bl
Chinese internet giant Alibaba gets greenlight to sell shares in Hong Kong
Chinese internet giant Alibaba has gained approval to raise as much as $15 billion dollars in a November share sale in Hong Kong, several sources told the South China Morning Post. Alibaba, which owns Inkstone, is already listed in New York. This secondary listing in Hong Kong would bolster the company’s capitalization and finally give investors in mainland China the chance to participate in the growth of one of the country’s most profitable technology giants. Investors in mainland China are expected to be able to trade Alibaba shares in Hong Kong through the Stock Connect program upon regulatory approval. The program allows investors to trade stocks listed on each other's markets through br
Jack Ma bows out with a song
Known for his showmanship, Alibaba co-founder Jack Ma sang a pop ballad at the company’s 20th-anniversary party on September 10. Alibaba owns Inkstone. The event was part of Ma’s goodbye to the company as he stepped down as executive chairman. His successor, Daniel Zhang, joined the performance.  
Jack Ma on the future of AI
Alibaba co-founder Jack Ma says that humans shouldn't fear AI – they just need to understand it. The tech billionaire, who is hailed by many as a visionary in China, was speaking on Monday at the 2018 World Artificial Intelligence Conference in Shanghai. He discussed the ways that artificial intelligence and machine learning will change the way humans work – and the responsibilities governments have toward the development of AI tech. Alibaba also owns Inkstone.
China’s richest man is retiring (soon). Here are 5 things to know
Jack Ma, the co-founder of Alibaba, has just announced plans to relinquish his role as the chairman of the most valuable company in Asia. On Monday – Ma’s 54th birthday – the tech tycoon said he would step down as Alibaba’s chairman exactly one year from now. “The world is big, and I am still young, so I want to try new things – because what if new dreams can be realized?!” Ma said in a letter addressed to Alibaba customers, employees and shareholders. Alibaba also owns Inkstone. Ma is the first of his peers to unveil a succession plan. Many in the tech community have described Alibaba’s upcoming leadership change as “the end of an era.” Here are five things you need to know about the future