Democratic politician Joe Biden served as the 47th vice-president of the United States under Barack Obama from 2009 to 2017, and was a United States Senator for Delaware from 1973 to 2009. In 2020, he

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Trump hands Biden a headache with ban on Chinese tech companies
US President Donald Trump issued an executive order banning transactions with eight Chinese apps, including Alipay and WeChat Pay, this week, the latest escalation of the US-China tech war.  But it will be a problem the incoming Biden administration will need to manage, analysts said, and it remains unclear if he plans to implement the order, meant to take effect in 45 days. Trump should have left the presidency by then. The latest executive order from the White House cited national security concerns, saying the Chinese programs could provide the personal data of American citizens to the Chinese government.  The ban will likely only have a limited impact on the companies because of their li
US experts hope for a reset on coronavirus containment under Biden
When Joe Biden is inaugurated as United States president on January 20 he will inherit the legacies of Donald Trump and one of the worst will be a pandemic that is out of control during the depth of winter. Public health experts who had pinned their hopes on a Biden presidency could barely celebrate because the skyrocketing number of Covid-19 cases heralded daunting challenges ahead. The two-month wait before he takes power also means the country will not immediately get a long-overdue organized federal response to the pandemic. Experts have already seen coronavirus surging at an unprecedented rate, passing the bleak milestone of 10 million cases with the last million accumulating in just 10
Asia greets tight US election with a giant shrug
The close US election, with the twists and turns involved in the vote-counting process – as well as seeming rival claims of victory – was a messy outcome anticipated by the region’s investors and political punditry. Speaking to South China Morning Post reporters across Asia, observers and analysts said a rising stock market on Wednesday and Thursday reflected the distinct lack of panic in the region. Still, there remained some anxiety about the knock-on effects for security in flashpoint regions such as the Taiwan Strait and the Korean peninsula if Washington remains distracted with internal politics for an extended period. As of press time, the outcome was being decided based on the final
How everyday Chinese people saw the US election
With several key states across the US still counting votes, the 2020 US presidential election remained undecided when Inkstone went to press on Wednesday evening in Asia.  Sitting president Donald Trump expressed confidence that he would win during a late-night press conference, citing advantages in key swing states. Democratic Party challenger Joe Biden told a crowd in Delaware that he believes “we’re on track to win this election” as millions of votes remain to be counted.   The US election is closely watched worldwide, as the outcome has ripple effects that stretch beyond its borders. In China, people have found it “exciting” and “entertaining” to watch the democratic process unfold, desp
A fugitive tycoon is accused of a US presidential election misinformation campaign
In the run-up to the US presidential election, Chinese fugitive tycoon Guo Wengui is being accused of helping to promote unverified claims linking Democratic candidate Joe Biden to China.  Guo is most famous for making incendiary accusations against Beijing, fleeing China and finding sanctuary in the US.  The amplification of stories about Biden’s son Hunter and his alleged business ties to China was part of coordinated and sophisticated attempts to interfere with Tuesday’s US election, according to John Pan, a former collaborator with Guo, who is based in Australia. “Guo’s intention is to interfere with the US election,” Pan told the South China Morning Post in an interview. “He may not be
‘Shy Trump voters' may prove decisive in 2020
US President Donald Trump stirred controversy on Sunday when he tweeted out a video of a fleet of trucks, flying Trump flags, apparently harassing a campaign bus for the campaign of candidate Joe Biden.  This political brashness has manifested itself in the US with Trump boat parties, sales of memorabilia far outstripping Biden gear and political rallies that are attended by thousands despite the country being the global center of the coronavirus pandemic.  But these people are unlikely to worry Biden supporters. They have already been “priced in” as the core of Trump’s base.  The unknowable potential voter block is the “shy Trump supporter”: those who are traditionally apolitical but have f
China is contentious topic for US Senate and Congress candidates
In the 2020 US election, China has become an issue not just in the presidential race but also at the state and local levels. As President Donald Trump and former vice-president Joe Biden have sparred over who would be tougher against Beijing, candidates up and down the ballot have campaigned on concerns about China and Chinese influence. From Trump strongholds Montana and Georgia to swing states like Florida and Pennsylvania, candidates have sought to one-up their opponents with talking points such as Beijing’s culpability in the coronavirus pandemic, the US trade imbalance with China, and Chinese influence and interference in the United States. Montana In Montana, one issue is just how stro
Trump and Biden both vow to reduce reliance on China, but methods will be ‘night and day’
In his Mexico City office, while the coronavirus pandemic has raged, Samuel Campos’s phone has been ringing off the hook with firms looking to move their manufacturing to Mexico. “Since the trade deal this year, I think our volume is up around 30% to 40%,” said Campos, managing director at commercial real estate advisory firm Newmark Knight Frank, pointing to the revamped US-Mexico-Canada Agreement that went into effect in July. The callers used to be mainly European and American, looking to escape China to avoid trade war tariffs or to be closer to their consumer markets. But in recent months, Chinese firms have been calling too – all keen on managing the costs and volatility that come with
Joe Biden vows to end US reliance on Chinese medical equipment
American Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden on Thursday vowed to end the United States’ reliance on China and other countries for medical equipment should he be elected. The outcome of the November election could alter the future of US-China relations, which have deteriorated under the Trump administration, although analysts say Washington’s skepticism of Beijing will likely continue under a Biden presidency. Biden also accused President Donald Trump of failing to acknowledge the gravity of the coronavirus pandemic and putting his own interests before those of the American people. Addressing the Democratic Party convention to formally accept his nomination, Biden accused Trump of “coz
Don’t expect US-China relations to improve under a President Biden
As the US heads toward its November elections, Republicans and Democrats are pitching two distinct visions of America. Except when it comes to China. The proposed 90-page Democratic Party platform contains passages that echo some of the rhetoric that has defined the attacks on China made by President Donald Trump’s administration even as it criticizes the “reckless” trade war it started with China more than two years ago. The Democratic platform, crafted as a statement of the agenda of the party and its presidential nominee, Joe Biden, “lambasts the Trump administration’s handling of China in all issue arenas: trade, human rights, national security, public health and so on,” said Allen Carls