Shanghai prepares for 2020 Lantern Festival
Shanghai is preparing to celebrate its first Lantern Festival in six years, as workers prepare a large display to be held in the Guyi Garden from February 3-9, 2020. The annual festival, which also marks the conclusion of the Lunar New Year, has been a muted affair since a deadly stampede on New Year’s Eve 2014 led authorities to ban large public gatherings.
How to make a dragon (lantern)
Chinese lantern crafting is an ancient tradition that is still very alive today. Around the Lunar New Year period, all kinds of lanterns can be seen on display – but the most intricate is likely the ornate dragon lantern.  Comprised of multiple parts and carried by several people, these long, undulating lanterns are stunning to watch.  The villagers of Dujing in south China’s Guangxi Zhuang region built a large dragon lantern for the Lunar New Year.