Online superstar reignites cultural clash over kimchi
Chinese internet star Li Ziqi has found herself in a right pickle after unwittingly launching a cultural clash between Korea and China - all over a video of her making what appears to be kimchi. The 19-minute video titled, ‘The Life of a White Radish,’ has prompted an online war of words between people from the two countries – who both claim to own the dish of pickled vegetables. The 30-year-old vlogger – who has a combined social media following of 58 million fans on Weibo and YouTube – posted the video on Saturday with the hashtags #ChineseCuisine and #ChineseFood. Shortly after, angry Koreans flooded the comments section, criticizing Li for stealing their culture and insulting Korean tra
Chinese online star Li Ziqi provides an escape from urban life
Chinese online star Li Ziqi has become one of the most famous internet celebrities in the country by sharing videos of her rural life. She picks ingredients from her farm, constructs furniture by hand and cooks a vast feast, providing a respite from busy urban living for her tens of millions of fans worldwide.