Menstrual cycle leave may make it harder for women to find work
A Chinese province will obligate companies to provide women with menstrual sick leave days starting in March, 2021.  The announcement from the provincial government of Liaoning, a province in northeastern China, renewed worries that such “protective policies” will actually worsen gender discrimination in the workplace.  The rules stipulate that companies must provide their employees with one or two days of sick leave for women on their menstrual cycle, provided they have medical proof of experiencing severe period pains.   “My first reaction was that this would make it more difficult for women to find work,” said Wei Yiran, 26, a Guangdong-based volunteer teacher who educates young women in
The cities that are growing and shrinking in China
Every Tuesday and Thursday, Inkstone Index features one important number about China to give you insight into the rising power. -18%: The average change in enrollment for elementary school children in Chinese cities that have become less popular over the past five years.  Chinese economics reporters, using elementary school enrollment figures to gauge demographic shifts in the country, have found a migration away from the country’s rust belt. The logic is if a city is attractive it would retain its current population and attract more families to relocate, thus, the primary student enrollment would increase. While there was no real trend of where people were moving to, there was a consistency