Macau is a former Portuguese colony, and in 1999 it became a special administrative region of China. Its economy relies heavily on tourism, specifically the gambling industry, whose revenue has made M

acau the world's largest casino market.

Legendary gambling tycoon Stanley Ho dies at 98
Stanley Ho, the patriarch of Asia’s largest casino empire and a man whose very name is synonymous with Macau’s rise to become the world’s gambling capital, has died. He was 98.  Here are seven things to know about the man: He helped build a gambling hub bigger than Las Vegas from the ground up Stanley Ho’s life will forever be tied to Macau, where he fled during the Second World War with only HK$10 – or about $33 in today’s money – in his pocket.  Then a Portuguese territory, Macau was neutral in the Pacific War, in keeping with Portugal’s neutrality throughout the world war.  Ho got his start in business by working for the Macau Cooperative Company, then the largest company in the territor
Was Japan behind a mysterious bid to buy Macau outright?
In the 1930s, Western newspapers were in the habit of portraying Macau as a haven of pirates, scoundrels and ne’er-do-wells, gambling the days away and smoking opium by night. Maurice Dekobra, a bestselling French writer of the inter­war years, had a hit with his 1938 novel, Macao, enfer du jeu (Macao, Gambling Hell), which became an equally sensationalist film. Lacking Peking’s bohemianism, Shanghai’s modernity or Hong Kong’s dynamism, Macau sat in the South China Sea, fanning itself in the heat, a decaying relic of the diminished Portuguese empire. The economy was hurting thanks to the British Royal Navy’s suppression of piracy and smuggling. Officially, it was good news, but not for Maca
A developer is building a replica German city in China to lure investors
Imagine, after enjoying the hotels and gambling in Macau, driving across a bridge for just over one mile and visiting ... Germany.  In the coming years, travelers may be able to replicate this experience thanks to a replica German city being built in southern China near the world’s biggest gambling hub. But the coronavirus outbreak has put a halt to the project, an interruption that the owners hope will only be temporary.  Hong Kong-listed developer TFG International is spending $229 million to build the project known as Hengqin German City on an island south of Zhuhai in the southern Chinese province of Guangdong. The island is connected to Macau by the 1.1 mile Lotus Bridge. The city will
Can Beijing’s golden child be more than the world’s casino capital?
Macau-born graphic designer Cheang Chi-wai remembers starting high school after the Portuguese colony was returned to China on December 20, 1999. The 31-year-old was taught the Chinese national anthem, attended regular flag-raising ceremonies, and was reminded constantly that he was Chinese and had to learn to love the motherland. “Before the handover, I had absolutely no sense of my identity,” Cheang said. The Portuguese were in control of Macau since 1557, but acted mainly as administrators in the decades before the city’s return to China.  Their colonial rule had been weakened significantly by a communist-fomented riot in December 1966, which left real political power largely in the hands
Could China’s next tech IPO hub be...Macau?
Could the global gaming capital of Macau become known for something other than casinos? Yes, according to a senior official who has just submitted a proposal to the Chinese leadership to create a Nasdaq-style, tech-oriented stock exchange in the former Portuguese colony. He Xiaojun, an official in the provincial financial bureau of Guangdong, which neighbors Macau, said he hoped to get approval from the national authorities by mid-December, ahead of the 20th anniversary of the city’s return to China, according to the Sina Finance website. Guangdong, home of the high-tech megacity of Shenzhen, is seeking to tap more capital for its tech companies. Guangdong is also the center of the proposed
Is Hong Kong’s rich, obedient neighbor China’s new golden child?
As tear gas filled Hong Kong’s streets over the weekend amid an unending governing crisis, a different political show played out just an hour’s ferry ride away in Macau. On Sunday, 400 members of the gambling hub’s pro-Beijing elite went ahead as expected and picked Ho Iat-seng, the son of an industrial tycoon with strong ties to China, as the city’s next leader. He was the only candidate on the ballot. For Hong Kong’s young protesters, the tightly scripted appointment of Ho is yet another reminder for why they have chosen to openly defy Beijing. Like the former British colony of Hong Kong, Macau is a former colony – of Portugal– that returned to Chinese rule some 20 years ago under an arran
China wants to have its own Silicon Valley by 2035
China has announced ambitious plans to build its own “bay area” to rival Silicon Valley in technological might. The Chinese government has pledged to turn the so-called Greater Bay Area, which comprises 11 cities in southern China, into a global tech and financial center. The area is already the country’s most economically dynamic region, containing the tech hub of Shenzhen, the financial center of Hong Kong and the gambling hub of Macau. The initiative is part of China’s overall push to shift away from low-end manufacturing and build an economy driven by consumption and innovation. It also aims to bring the two former European colonies of Hong Kong and Macau, now semi-autonomous territories
China’s top official in Macau dies after fall at home
The sudden death of China’s top official in Macau may cast a shadow over the opening of a 34-mile long bridge that connects the glitzy gambling hub with Hong Kong and the rest of China. China’s President Xi Jinping is expected to attend an opening ceremony in the mainland Chinese city of Zhuhai on Tuesday. The bridge will be thrown open to the public the following day. Zheng Xiaosong, 59, “died on Saturday from a fall from his Macau residence… because he suffered from depression,” the Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office, the Beijing-based department overseeing the two semi-autonomous regions, said in a statement. No further details were given on Zheng’s condition before his death. Zheng took
Backlash like Beckham
With a population of 1.38 billion people, tapping the massive China market is the goal of many brands. But a new micro-movie from Sands Resorts Macao, starring its brand ambassador David Beckham, has drawn criticism online for the former soccer star’s language choice. In the movie, he speaks Mandarin, the official language of China, and not Cantonese: the local vernacular of south China, Hong Kong and Macau. Hong Kong, in particular, sees Cantonese as an integral part of its culture, separate from mainland China. Fears of increasing “mainlandization” have led to a strong defense of the use of Cantonese in society and schools. The ad is set in Macau, and features Beckham along with film star
Dog days are over at Asia’s last greyhound track
The Macau (Yat Yuen) Canidrome Club, is the last legal greyhound racing stadium in Asia – for now. Open since the 1930s, this controversial venue closes at the end of July. Declining interest in greyhound racing and the arrival of luxury casinos in the Chinese territory of Macau have led to the closure of the ring. The Canidrome’s dogs are set to become homeless when the track closes. There are even fears that they will be harvested for their blood. But there’s good news: offers to adopt have come in from people, charities and rescue organisations around the world. Photographer Chan Long-hei captured the Canidrome’s last dog race on June 30.