Qasem Soleimani killing shows China on the sidelines in the Middle East
The killing on Friday of top Iranian commander Qassem Soleimani by the United States was very bad news for China.  Tehran’s inevitable response will further deteriorate the geopolitical situation in the Persian Gulf region, which serves much of Chinese oil needs and is an essential element of President Xi Jinping’s Belt and Road Initiative. Beijing said the US drone strike against the Iranian general, who headed the Islamic Revolutionary Guard’s elite Quds Force and was responsible for Iran’s overseas military and intelligence operations, was a form of abuse. In a phone call with his Iranian counterpart over the weekend, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi pointed out that China would continue
Dubai’s phones are sucking up to Beijing
If you’re travelling in Dubai this week, there’s a good chance your phone is welcoming Xi Jinping with open arms. Phones across the United Arab Emirates, a federation of seven emirates including Dubai, are connecting to a network called “WelcomePresChina.” No, it’s not a new telecoms operator. It is just how the United Arab Emirates is getting creative in cozying up to China. So my mobile carrier has changed the network name as WelcomePresChina for the arrival of President Xi Jinping to UAE  quite a welcome #WelcomePresChina — abhishek tripathi (@abhishek_tri) July 19, 2018 Eager to get closer to the world’s largest oil importer, the UAE seems to be trying hard to