News and insight on Mulan, a character in ancient Chinese folklore that inspired two Disney movies.

Meet Khutulun, Mongolia’s undefeated wrestling princess who inspired Turandot
While the world rages at Disney’s live action retelling of the tale of Chinese warrior princess Mulan, the filmmaker’s focus should perhaps have been aimed on another female fighter entirely. Rather than folk fable, Mongolian warrior princess Khutulun was quite real and had the body count and fearsome reputation to prove it. She was the daughter of Kaidu Khan and great-great-granddaughter of Genghis, a cousin of Kublai Khan who would found China’s Yuan dynasty. Khutulun was a feared fighter, who battled alongside her father against Kublai Khan, protecting the nomadic Mongol lifestyle of his Chagatai Khanate against the Chinese ways adopted by Kublai’s court. Born around 1260 and raised with