Three quirky stories from China to bring a bit of joy to life
What would life be without people being weird, wonderful and wacky?  Sure, dreams and goals are important, but life will be terribly dull if we don’t take a breath to enjoy the whimsy surrounding us.  These people China have completely embraced this ethos, making waves by mastering a slingshot, a street workout guru who makes the natural environment his gym and hotels in Hangzhou that installed computer chips to clean clothes.  They brought joy to millions of people along the way.  The Chinese slingshot master A Chinese man named Zhu Liang could hit moving water droplets from a distance with a slingshot. Zhu has developed a special type of slingshot to hone his precision chop and plans to t
Buddha Trump popular for making Chinese companies great again
Donald Trump may have lost the presidential race in the United States but he is still the king of business – in China. Just months after leaving the Oval Office in Washington, “the orange one” is finding new fame as a star of e-commerce. A caricature of the former president dressed in a robe and sitting cross-legged in a Zen pose carrying the logo, “Make Your Company Great Again,” has become the latest hot-seller on China’s largest e-commerce platform, Taobao. Shoppers are snapping up the statue, which sells for as much as US$153 in several online shops. “Does it really work if I place it at home?” one potential buyer asked in a post on one e-shop’s website. Some shops described the statue