Giant pandas are native to south central China. There are only about 1,800 in the wild, according to conservation organisation WWF.

Adorable video shows panda cub attempting to climb rocks
Four-month-old giant panda cub Xiao Qi Ji appears to be on the up and up – albeit slowly. The cub, whose Chinese name translates to “Little Miracle,” was captured on video determinedly trying to climb a small rock wall at Smithsonian’s National Zoo in Washington DC.  Watching on was his mother, Mei Xiang, who gave him an affectionate hug when he eventually conquers the task.          View this post on Instagram                       A post shared by Smithsonian's National Zoo (@smithsonianzoo) “He’s getting stronger, more coordinated and is still an adorable little nugget,” a zoo worker wrote on the Instagram post.   While the cub definitely won’t win any races to the to
Chinese ‘have the last word’ on naming of panda cubs, German zoo says
A pair of newborn pandas in Germany is unlikely to be called Hong and Kong despite calls for the twins to be named in honor of Hong Kong’s continuing pro-democracy protests. The panda cubs, born at the Berlin Zoo on August 31, have made international headlines following suggestions that they be named after Hong Kong, where protesters have demanded greater accountability and democracy. The names Hong and Kong finished first in a poll conducted by German tabloid Der Tagesspiegel this month to name the pandas. The poll had no affiliations with the zoo.  Other proposed names included Joshua Wong and Agnes Chow – two prominent activists arrested last month over their roles in an unauthorized rall
You can now tell pandas apart – with facial recognition
There is no animal like the giant panda. But between themselves, the fluffy, rotund creatures can be hard to tell apart. But a new app could soon help us do just that using facial technology. Researchers spent two years amassing a database of more than 120,000 images and 10,000 video clips of giant pandas. Analysis of these images has allowed them to create an app that can identify unique features on each panda’s face, the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding said on Friday. This allows conservationists to better track wild giant pandas, a tough task given their elusive nature and rarity. “The app and database will help us gather more precise and well-rounded data on the population
Wild baby panda found in China
A two-month old wild baby panda was found in a cave at the Dafengding Nature Reserve in southwestern China. It’s the first wild panda cub to be found in this reserve in 40 years. Another wild baby was spotted at a different reserve in August. The park rangers quickly took some photos and left after hearing an adult panda roar nearby. China now boasts a network of 67 panda reserves, safeguarding almost two-thirds of giant pandas in the wild. After a significant increase in wild births in recent years, the much-loved species has been taken off from the list of endangered animals. The latest estimates from 2015 show an adult wild population of 1,864 individuals, a 16.8% increase since the last