Saving ‘ugly food’ for rescued dogs
Pirry Leung, who had previously worked at a food-waste recycling facility, founded FurryGreen – an upcycling startup in 2020, hoping to turn leftover but unspoiled ingredients into pet food. More than 3,600 tons of food waste is discarded every day in Hong Kong, according to the Environmental Protection Department.
Cruel ‘lucky bag of pets’ scheme sparks animal rights concerns
In China, animal rights groups are up in arms over a “reprehensible” trend of selling “lucky bags” of pets in the mail. While the practice of sending animals through China’s mail service is illegal, unscrupulous vendors are flouting the rules, selling animals for little more than a dollar. “Would you put a three-year-old child in a gift box?”, said Isobel Zhang, co-founder of the Chinese brand of ACTAsia, a British charity that promotes animal welfare throughout the Asia-Pacific region. The marketing gimmick allows consumers to choose the type of pet they want, but not the breed, color or size, so they get the thrill of a surprise when it arrives.  The practice has its origins in the Japane
The strange, ridiculous and cruel dog ownership rules in China
From dog-walking bans to cash rewards for people who kill stray dogs, the attempt by grassroots community managers in China to control the country’s booming dog population is often at odds with the growing popularity of pet ownership. And despite complaints from non-pet owners, the central government appears ready to embrace a pet-friendly future. In April, China’s Ministry of Agriculture explicitly stated for the first time that dogs are “companions” and not “livestock.” But only 22% of households own a pet, a number that is expected to grow in the coming years, according to Alizila, a blog from Alibaba (which owns Inkstone). The growth of pet ownership creates teething issues in China as
The office pet you didn’t know you needed
A video production studio in Wuxi, China has employed a huarizo, a cross between a male llama and female alpaca, to bring joy to his “colleagues.” The company has been making videos about Tuo Baiwan’s daily life, and the clips have earned the animal fame on Chinese social media.
Hong Kong says another dog has tested positive for the coronavirus
A second dog with an infected owner has caught the coronavirus, the Hong Kong government said on Thursday. But like the first dog that tested positive for the virus early this month, the 2-year-old German Shepherd showed no signs of the Covid-19 disease that has sickened more than 240,000 people worldwide, the city’s animal welfare authority said in a statement. “It is very likely that the two positive cases are examples of human-to-dog transmission,” Professor Malik Peiris, a leading public health virologist at the University of Hong Kong, who helped the government analyze the specimens, told the South China Morning Post. Peiris said that a blood test would be performed, but added the sampl