Hong Kong says another dog has tested positive for the coronavirus
A second dog with an infected owner has caught the coronavirus, the Hong Kong government said on Thursday. But like the first dog that tested positive for the virus early this month, the 2-year-old German Shepherd showed no signs of the Covid-19 disease that has sickened more than 240,000 people worldwide, the city’s animal welfare authority said in a statement. “It is very likely that the two positive cases are examples of human-to-dog transmission,” Professor Malik Peiris, a leading public health virologist at the University of Hong Kong, who helped the government analyze the specimens, told the South China Morning Post. Peiris said that a blood test would be performed, but added the sampl
First human-to-dog coronavirus transmission reported in Hong Kong
A pet dog in Hong Kong may have caught the coronavirus from its infected owner. A Pomeranian belonging to a Covid-19 patient in the city has contracted the virus, the city’s health authorities confirmed on Wednesday. (What is Covid-19? Where did the coronavirus come from? Here’s what we’ve learned so far about the coronavirus.) The dog has repeatedly tested positive for having a low level of the virus since Friday last week. The infection is likely to be the first case of human-to-animal transmission of the disease, experts said, but animal lovers need not worry about their pets or their own health. “These test results suggest that the dog has a low level of infection, which was also found i
Rescuers are knocking down doors to save pets locked down and starving in Wuhan
Animal rescuers are racing against the clock to save thousands of pets left alone in the central city of Wuhan after a lockdown prevented their owners from returning to their homes. A vet working in Wuhan said his rescue group has saved more than 2,000 pets from around the city since January 23, when the city went into lockdown to prevent the spread of the coronavirus outbreak that has killed about 500 people worldwide. “The pets were found in homes with no food and water,” said the member of Wuhan Pet Life Online, who prefers to remain anonymous. “Their owners left their houses last month not expecting that they would not be able to return home. Pets are beginning to starve to death or die
Chinese pet detective reunites lost furry friends with owners
If your beloved furry friend goes missing in China, hiring a pet detective is now a way to increase your chances of a happy reunion. Equipped with hi-tech investigative tools, Shanghai-based private sleuth Sun Jinrong is handling cases across the country.  In about seven years of pet detecting, he has found about 1,000 wayward animals and claims a success rate of 60-70%.
Pet food maker behind Pedigree, Whiskas says it’s betting big on China
With a history of dog eating, especially in lean times, China hasn’t always been a haven for pets. Pet keeping was branded as bourgeois after the communists swept to power in 1949. But in the past few decades, as Chinese citizens have become wealthier, pet ownership has soared. In fact, China has the second-largest pet market in the world, behind only the US, says Cai Xiaodong, general manager of Royal Canin in China. The pet food producer is a unit of Mars, an American global food giant that also produces the Pedigree and Whiskas brands of dog and cat food. Cai told the Shanghai-based online news site Thepaper.cn that Mars planned to invest more than $100 million in a new pet food factory
China’s booming pet market
China's love affair with pets is only growing. At the recent 22nd Pet Fair Asia, held in Shanghai, creative dog grooming and unconventional pet choices were featured. Check out the video to get an idea of China's booming pet culture.
Get prickly at Hong Kong’s first hedgehog cafe
A coffee shop in Hong Kong's Kowloon Bay neighborhood houses 13 palm-sized African pygmy hedgehogs, all of which were adopted via an online pet forum. The owner, Ken Yuen, hopes to educate potential pet owners about the challenges of looking after the spiky species.