Chinese city sorry for shaming people for publicly wearing pajamas
A Chinese city has apologized for naming and shaming people for wearing pajamas in public. In a crackdown on “uncivilized behavior,” the eastern Chinese city of Suzhou on Monday publicly disclosed the information of seven citizens who fell afoul of the supposed dress code. A now-deleted online post on the city's official social media accounts publicized the surnames, headshots and redacted ID numbers of six women and one man going about their day in colorful PJs. It also included their places of "crime." The campaign is an example of China’s efforts to shape citizens’ seemingly innocuous behavior to carry out its vision for “civilized” society and the increasing role of technology in enforc
Facial recognition is everywhere in China. People are worried about it
In China, surveillance cameras equipped with facial recognition technology are often hailed as important tools for improving security while offering convenience.  But as these devices become more pervasive, some Chinese people are questioning whether facial recognition comes with its own set of safety and privacy concerns.    According to a survey published on Thursday, 74% of respondents said they would like to have a choice between traditional identification methods (like keycards) and facial recognition technology.  More than 40% surveyed worried that their biometric data could be abused by irresponsible operators. Of that group, 80% feared their data might be leaked by entities with lax