Hong Kong restaurants found to discriminate against diners from mainland China
More than 100 restaurants in Hong Kong have refused to serve diners from mainland China during the coronavirus outbreak, according to a human rights group that is warning firms against crossing the line into racial discrimination. The Society for Community Organisation found the businesses were posting messages online or displaying notices at their premises barring Mandarin speakers and non-locals, while secret shopper visits revealed mainlanders were being turned away. Richard Tsoi Yiu-cheong of the advocacy group said the health crisis did not justify discriminatory practices against visitors to the city and recent immigrants from the mainland. “Of course restaurants should take different
Hong Kong restaurants fight coronavirus with ‘hygiene ambassadors’ and table partitions
Some restaurants in Hong Kong have appointed employees as so-called hygiene ambassadors and installed table partitions in hopes of preventing the spread of the new coronavirus. The measures are also meant to make diners feel safe after members of a family were infected after sharing a meal of barbecue and hotpot, a dish where people cook and eat pieces of meat and vegetables by dipping them in a shared pot of hot broth.