After adopting the euro, the Spanish economy initially benefited from sharply lower interest rates, spurring a property bubble. However, with the onset of the global financial crisis, property prices

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Chinese-made coronavirus tests ditched in Spain over inaccuracy
Madrid, the capital city of Spain, has stopped using a rapid Covid-19 test kit made by a Chinese company after research suggested it was not accurate enough. Doubts over the kits’ reliability emerged as the number of confirmed cases in Spain rose sharply on Thursday to 57,786, with 4,365 deaths. Worldwide, the disease has now infected more than 540,000 people and killed over 24,000. The Spanish Society of Infectious Diseases and Clinical Microbiology (SEIMC), one of Spain’s leading research institutes, said on its website it had found that nose swabs developed by Shenzhen Bioeasy Biotechnology had an accuracy rate of less than 30%. Spanish newspaper El País reported that the Madrid city gov
Hong Kong and Catalonia: two protest movements compared
On the streets of Barcelona last month, the blackened flags of the bauhinia that symbolize Hong Kong’s five-month-old anti-government movement were flown sporadically across the main tourist avenue turned demonstration site. In a nod back to their fellow demonstrators in Catalonia, Hong Kong protesters organized a sit-in in the city’s financial district Central in October to show solidarity with those fighting for their independence from Spain – a cause that has been relentlessly suppressed by Madrid. Spain’s ambassador to China, Rafael Dezcallar, played down the comparison, saying: “In both cases, there were protests on the streets and clashes with the police. However, the parallels stop th