China’s first driverless cargo ship sets sail
China's first autonomous cargo ship successfully completed a test sailing in the waters surrounding the southern province of Guandong. The nation launched its remote-controlled cargo vessel project in 2017. The ship, called No 0 Jindouyun, is said to be the first autonomous cargo ship in Asia.
Life on China’s low-speed trains
China introduced its first high-speed railway service in 2008. But instead of following the “bullet train” craze, photographer Qian Haifeng, a former blue-collar worker, set out to document the country’s old, slow trains.  “I went in the other direction,” says Qian, “Treading the opposite path from the way the nation was supposedly heading, on the slow, obscure services, the cheap old trains without air conditioners – the ‘green trains’.” The green trains are cheap and often delayed. They sometimes have no air conditioning or heating.  The third-class-carriage tables are piled high with sunflower seeds and peanut shells, Qian says. Some long-distance commuters are trying to sleep, heads prop