‘Comrade Trump’ hailed for spurring reforms in China
US President Donald Trump may have his critics in China, but some internet users have suggested, albeit sarcastically, that he has been a positive force for the country.  They joke that he is acting as a catalyst for much-needed reforms. In social media circles and even on some academic forums, the American leader earned the nickname Comrade “Chuan Jianguo,” which translates as “Trump Building the Nation.”  The backhanded compliment stems from the assumption that, by starting a trade war with China, Trump unwittingly forced the country into a program of domestic reforms to counter its impact. Such is people’s familiarity with the nickname that Wang Manchuan, head of the public administration
Trump said China was ‘getting way ahead of the United States’
What was on Donald Trump’s mind days before he decided to turn up the heat on China? Former US president Jimmy Carter has offered a clue, recalling a phone call they shared in April this year, three weeks before Trump threatened to dramatically raise tariffs on Chinese products. “The main thing that he emphasized to me was, the main purpose of his call, was to say very frankly to me on a private line that the Chinese were getting way ahead of the United States,” Carter said Sunday. What Trump said, according to Carter, underscores deepening worries in the US of the country being supplanted by China as the world’s leading power. Trump has sought to remedy what he considers unfair trade pract