Sentences for China drug gang provides rare window into war on fentanyl
The sentencing of a gang of drug traffickers in a smoggy city in northern China on Thursday offers a glimpse into a key area of cooperation between US authorities and their Chinese counterparts: tackling the deadly fentanyl scourge devastating communities across the United States. After the conclusion of the case – which saw one gang member given a suspended death sentence and eight others jailed, two of them for life – a group of Chinese and American law enforcement officers gathered in Xingtai, an industrial city in Hebei province, to share details of how their joint investigation brought down an international fentanyl smuggling operation. It was the first public example of how the two cou
China seeks to close a loophole in its fentanyl ban
The US government says China’s plan to tighten its ban on fentanyl could help fight America’s opioid crisis, which has caused tens of thousands in overdose deaths. Washington is struggling to contain a rising trend of fentanyl use across the country, and the Trump administration has accused China of being the main supplier of the synthetic opioid, which is up to 50 times stronger than heroin. On Monday, the Chinese government said it would designate all fentanyl-related substances as controlled drugs as of May 1, in addition to the 25 types of fentanyl currently on the controlled list. The US Drug Enforcement Agency welcomed the move. According to Reuters, the agency called the regulatory ch