Navigating her heritage, woman finds racism in both America and China
After two years of living in Beijing, Jesse Bowens-Xu was tired, annoyed and ready to go home. The daughter of an African-American father and Chinese mother, she had gone to China to study and connect with her heritage. However, her skin color became a source of day-to-day frustration and prejudice. When applying for part-time teaching jobs to support her studies, the message she got was: “unmarketable to Chinese parents,” she said. This despite being a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley and completing a master’s degree at the prestigious Peking University in Beijing. Locals running up to snap photos made her feel “like an animal in the zoo,” she said. About two years after
Two deaths upended how America understands the coronavirus
When Patricia Dowd, a 57-year-old auditor at a Silicon Valley chip maker, died on February 6, her death was a mystery.  She had developed flu-like symptoms but was already on the mend and working from home in San Jose, California. Her daughter found her dead in her kitchen. After flu tests came back negative, the coroner could only determine that she had probably suffered a heart attack – until Tuesday, when the Santa Clara County medical examiner announced that a postmortem tissue sample from Dowd came back positive for coronavirus. Postmortem tests of Dowd and one other Santa Clara resident – a 69-year-old man who died on February 17 – have shown both were infected with the novel coronavir
America’s initial coronavirus response does not inspire confidence
New York has finally cottoned on to the threat posed by the coronavirus.  On Friday, my wife and I went to stock up on tinned food and enough hand sanitizer to make Howard Hughes call an intervention, and business was proceeding as normal. Since then, Covid-19 has caused six deaths on US soil, and stores across the city are packed out with folks – mostly white and black – preparing for what will either be the apocalypse or an excellent opportunity to catch up on Netflix (my wife, who is Chinese, was delighted to note that New York’s Asians prepared long before everyone else). (Where did the coronavirus come from? How to prevent infections? Here’s what we’ve learned so far about the coronavir