Vancouver, on the west coast of Canada, has long attracted waves of Chinese immigration, from labourers in the 1800s, to Hongkongers ahead of the 1997 handover, to the current influx of mainland Chine

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Homicide in Canada cast new doubts on the Chinese group ‘Create Abundance’
All seems quiet now at the home surrounded by a three-meter hedge in an expensive neighborhood of South Surrey in Vancouver. But on June 17, the $2.2 million mansion was a hive of activity. Police cruisers were parked in the driveway alongside two Maseratis. Yellow caution tape blocked the entrances as officers came and went. At 5.30 am that day, 41-year-old Chinese immigrant Bo Fan had been dropped off outside the nearby Peace Arch Hospital. She was gravely injured – police have not described exactly how – and she died a few hours later. The investigation into the mysterious murder of Bo Fan has cast a spotlight on a Chinese-origin spiritual group called Create Abundance – also known as Gol
‘Free Ms Meng’ and ‘send $$$ 4 nudez’: the scene outside Huawei CFO’s trial
One encourages people on her social media profile to “send $$$ 4 nudez.” Others include a professional actress, a Vancouver artist and a young man whose fondness for starring in pornographic selfies had made his Twitter feed decidedly NSFW. What united them all on Monday was an apparent devotion to the cause of Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou, in her bid to avoid extradition to the United States on fraud charges. They and a couple dozen others stood outside the Supreme Court of British Columbia on the first day of Meng’s extradition hearing in Vancouver, holding signs demanding “Justice For Ms Meng” and other slogans.  They appeared in the background of reports by Chinese state broadcasters CC
Man gets manslaughter in Vancouver after chopping victim into 108 pieces
A man who killed a Chinese millionaire before chopping him into 108 pieces has been found not guilty of the businessman’s murder, after a judge ruled that the intent to kill had not been proved. British Columbia Supreme Court Justice Terence Schultes instead found Zhao Li, 59, guilty of the lesser charge of manslaughter, as well as interfering with human remains. Outside the court on Tuesday, Zhao’s lawyer Ian Donaldson praised the ruling and said his client was a “completely normal” man, whose actions on May 2, 2015, were considered “unthinkable” by those who knew him. Zhao, an experienced hunter, did not dispute having shot dead Yuan Gang, 42, with a rifle in the driveway of his Vancouver
Foreign ownership linked to expensive homes, study says
Vancouver has for decades attracted waves of millionaires and money from mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Now a study has found long-sought evidence linking foreign ownership to extreme housing unaffordability in the Canadian city. The white paper by Josh Gordon, an assistant professor at Simon Fraser University’s school of public policy, found a near-perfect 96% (or 0.96) correlation between various metro Vancouver municipalities’ price-to-income ratios – a common measure of unaffordability – and the proportion of their detached houses in which at least one owner was a non-resident. The findings: the more that a Vancouver municipality was favored by non-resident owners, the more unaffo