‘Hongkongers, revenge’: Student’s death prompts outpouring of grief and anger
Thousands of people across Hong Kong took to the streets, shopping malls and campuses on Friday to mourn a student who died from a fall during a clash between the police and protesters. Mourners joined impromptu rallies in the hours following the death of Chow Tsz-lok, a college student who fell from a parking lot on Monday while riot police dispersed crowds with tear gas nearby.  Hundreds of office workers marched in the Central business district, many wearing masks in defiance of a government ban on face covering and vowing to seek justice. “Blood for blood,” some marchers shouted. “Hongkongers, revenge.” The development could escalate tension in a city that has been rocked since June by
London’s Chinatown falls silent to protest ‘fishing raids’
On Tuesday, the cleavers of London’s Chinatown will hang in mid-air. The jasmine tea will be left steeping in teapots. The roaring woks will fall silent. The waiters and chefs of Chinatown’s 100 or so restaurants will be downing their menus and ladles and striking for five hours, against what they believe are heavy-handed immigration raids. These have been termed “fishing raids,” because their victims say that it feels like authorities are “fishing” for illegal immigrants. The final straw came earlier this month, when a raid on the Chinatown’s Joy Luck Restaurant prompted dramatic scenes. A video that went viral shows a grey-haired woman push past officers and dash in front of an immigration