Make it rain: Chinese entrepreneurs turn snow into hot commodity
As temperatures plunge in China’s north this week, enterprising people have gone online to monetize blankets of snow covering their neighborhoods. For a price, you can ask someone to write a message in the snow and send you a photo or video of it.  On the e-commerce platform Taobao – owned by Alibaba, which also owns Inkstone – customers can order messages for about 5 yuan (71 cents) for six words. A heart or an image costs extra. Demand for this unusual service has the south to thank.  A Taobao shop owner in the northern province of Heilongjiang said most of the 100 orders she received in the last few days came from people from southern China who had never seen snow.  To beat the competiti
Snow blankets eastern China
Temperatures have dropped across China’s Jiangsu province and snow has blanketed the region to beautiful effect. Photographers from state-run media organization Xinhua traveled across the province to capture winter in the region.