China Trends: A woodworker captivates YouTube and a local government pleads online for flood aid
Every Tuesday and Thursday, China Trends takes the pulse of the Chinese social media to keep you in the loop of what the world’s biggest internet population is talking about. The next Li Ziqi?  A 63-year-old Chinese grandpa has become a YouTube sensation. Grandpa Amu, whose original name is Wang Dewen, makes toys, furniture and structures out of wood without using nails, glue or screws. Fans of his videos and media outlets in China have lauded him for promoting the traditional craft abroad (YouTube is blocked in China). Amu began posting videos on YouTube in early 2018, first about food but more recently featuring his woodwork. He uses a centuries-old technique to create joints that interloc
Chinese state media approves of YouTube star Li Ziqi
A woman from southwestern China, whose YouTube video channel celebrating rural life is followed by nearly 7.5 million people, has been hailed by state media for her role in promoting Chinese culture. Li Ziqi, 29, from Pingwu in Sichuan province, started her video blogs on traditional food and crafts three years ago after giving up city life to return to the village where she was raised by her grandparents. Li, who now looks after her grandmother, has a library of 100 videos that have been seen tens of millions of times by audiences across the world.  Supporters argue that she has done more to sell Chinese culture than the Confucius Institute, the government-backed soft power promotional org